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Level 300 Slalom Techniques and Tactics

Level 300 Slalom Techniques and Tactics
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Run Time: 45 minutes
Size: 1.3 GB
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U.S. Ski Team slalom technique and tactics are analyzed through text, commentary, montages, and the latest men's and women's World Cup and junior video. Athletes and coaches should use this comprehensive slalom study to improve their slalom performance and coaching.

The Benefits
  • Will be used as part of the US Ski & Snowboard Level 300 Slalom Technique and Tactics course
  • Racers and coaches will enhance their understanding and application of slalom fundamentals
  • Video commentary will help the viewers develop a better technical and tactical "eye" for slalom error correction
Inside you'll find
  • Technical and tactical instruction from U.S. Ski Team National Staff.
  • The study of slalom is broken down into five areas.
    • Three technical: stance and balance, carving, upper body.
    • Two tactical: rhythm and timing relative to the fall-line and SL tactics.
  • World Cup and Junior video clips -- 50% in slow motion for easy analysis.
  • All five areas are organized utilizing the three turn phases and the transition.
  • Montages are used to highlight specific technical or tactical skill concepts.

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