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Level 300 Giant Slalom Technique and Tactics: Disc 1 of 2

Level 300 Giant Slalom Technique and Tactics: Disc 1 of 2
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Run Time: 35 minutes
Size: 1.2 GB
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A stunning and massive video compilation of giant slalom clips from World Cup to junior levels that demonstrate important elements of advanced giant slalom technique and tactics.
  • Technical and tactical instruction from the USSA Sport Education staff
  • Giant slalom broken down to cover stance and balance, turn transitions, turn initiation, the turning phases, and tactics
  • Subsections to look more in-depth at each element.
  • Includes an appendix to cover unfamiliar items for further clarification.
The Benefits
  • Racers and coaches will enhance their understanding and application of giant slalom fundamentals with detailed analysis that will help in the other alpine disciplines as well.
  • Video commentary will help the viewers develop a better technical and tactical eye for giant slalom error correction.
  • Used as part of the US Ski and Snowboard Level 300 Advanced GS Techniques and Tactics course.

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